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Back to the Bright

I remember when Needles//Pins' Shamebirds album came out in 2014, it was on a lot of best of lists at the end of the year. I made a mental note to check it out..but somehow it slipped through the cracks..not sure why. So this past year they released their follow up, Good Night, Tomorrow ..didn't miss the boat this time. Vancouver's Needles//Pins deliver gruff pop punk (sometimes 90's alt[ish] sometimes power popish) with boozey, heartbroken..weathered poetic lyrics. I dig. The vocals register on the higher side of the gruff spectrum with just the right amount of gravel (think Sainte Catherines/Leatherface). The music is mid to up tempo that makes ya nod your head and tap the ol' toe. After I thoroughly take in Good Night, Tomorrow I'm definitely going to take a step into the wayback machine and Shamebirds it up as well. Maybe it's not groundbreaking music but damn is it exquisite..and worth your time. I was in superstore recently checking out the 'nat

Wild Knives

Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips...Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno. (I'm getting caught up on this review based on notes from October 2016). They don't have much of a scent. For a kettle cooked chip they aren't overly greasy but still provide a good crunch. They offer a great hot pepper (jalapeno) heat without getting all mountain dew extreme and stuff, they're hot but not too spicy. I didn't really taste the sweet part of their given name. When I breached the 1/4 bag mark I started to find the odd chip that has an initial sweetness to them..but they were few and far between, this was kind of a bummer as the sweetness was a nice change of pace. They don't really bring anything new to the jalapeno chip game but they more than hold their ground in that family. If you're looking for a standard jalapeno chip you'll be happy with this sack of flavoured salted potato slices...if you're hoping for something new and exciting..just keep walking. Since I hav