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West End (Yea Eh)

A couple months ago my buddies mom went out to Toronto and when she came back she gifted me with a bag of Irresistible's "old-fashioned potato chips" Olive and Feta Flavour (thanks Nancy). It took me a minute to get around to the bag, finally this past week I cracked them open. They smelled like chips (suprise nah?) with a hint of rosemary(? [I'm not great with picking out herbs, but I'm pretty sure it's rosemary]). My initial thoughts were that they'd fall in the sour cream & onion flavour family. There's a hint of rosemary(? [which was in line with the chip's scent]) followed by a faint liguria olive flavour. There's also a very faint tart almost balsamic vinegar flavour hanging out in the background trying to sneak into the party. The chips are quite salty, which makes sense due to the feta namesake. There is a nice range of flavour that is non-aggressive but present throughout consumption. The chips are lightly kettle cooked. Quite good

To Have and to Have Not

Sometimes chips that I'm not all that excited about get pushed to the back of the cellar and sort of forgotten about. Well, today I'm going to talk about Hardbite 18 Carrot Gold 'Lightly Salted Carrot Chips". I believe that when consumed before or close to their best before date they would have a good crunch to them...I'm consuming about 19 months after their BB date so I'm getting a nice crunch on the outside with a bit of softness on the inside. The cut the carrots lengthwise to make the chips so they're a nice long thin chip..well, a lot of them are curled up into themselves but it's still intriguing. Their flavour reminds me a lot of sweet potato chips (and oddly there's very little stale taste to them..just the odd chip). They're fairly well cooked (pretty brown) and the cooking brings out a nice sweetness. I'd agree with the lightly salted portion of their name, it's present but not overpowering. After a handful of the chips by the