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Brave or Dying Life or Firing Squad

 I was going to post about some pretty localized and/or DIY stuff this week. But then I decided to push that for a future post. Instead I'll regale you with salty notes from my salty phone that's battery is being decimated by the latest iOS update. 

Oh, here's a timely one from last week: I'm actually going to post about some limited time chips before they're lost to the ages (I'm pretty sure they're still readily available anyway). I'm on a streak! DORITOS LATE NIGHT BUFFALO HOT WINGS! LIMITED TIME!!! Doritos Late Night series of flavours have been hit and miss to be nice about it. I've posted on this blog about a few of their 'late night' flavours in the past. But the only thing that's really stuck with me about 'late night' is that it's often code for hot garbage. Did Buffalo Hot Wings live up to their older 'late night' bredren's bad rep? Na man, they're actually pretty decent. Going into this bag I had mixed feelings; the aforementioned let down that late night tends to be, offset by my general enjoyment of hot wing chip flavours. When I tossed one in my mouth the first thing that popped into my head was that there was a lot of corn up in there. The initial few chips left me with a sort of cheese ranch at the start followed by a mild fairly natural pepper based heat that emerges in the back end. It's not a very aggressive the start, but as you work your way through the bag it seems to build. As consumption progressed I believe a Louisiana hot sauce flavour emerged to be more in the forefront. Yeah, it's sort of a Louisiana ranch flavour I'd say...some might even call it Buffalo. The further I got into the bag the more I enjoyed these chips. The actual chips are a standard mid weight corn chip, otherwise called a Dorito. Nice flavourful heat.

Up until the last few years I'd never waded too far into the death end of the metal spectrum. Every once in a while I'll reach out to a buddy of mine who's a metalhead and just ask for recommendations (or I'll end up looking up bands that he posts about on IG) and I realized that I really do dig a certain vein of death. I just never really had much exposure to the genre and the little exposure I'd had for some reason I associated with slower more angular metal (maybe I confused death with black or doom? Or maybe I just hit a death vein that wasn't for me? [I've reviewed a few death albums {Outer Heaven's Realms of Decay and Gatecreeper's Deserted} through my salty tales when I've come across a chip flavour that I believed was going to be heavy]). Well, tonight I'm just going to say that I like the thrashier side of death and the following bands/albums (which I'm going to be pretty brief [similar to the music I typically gravitate towards] in describing) are ones that I've really dug and ended up purchasing in the last year or so:

 Obituary, specifically their self titled from 2017. This album rips, it's heavy and fast with vocals that are guttural yet higher pitched and discernible without a lyric sheet. They're OG's of the genre.

Necrot - Mortal. Deep and guttural vocals, if I really pay attention I can make out most of the words. A mix of frantic with some heavy breakdowns and absolute shredding. Banger of an album.

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (RIP Riley Gale). They're not a death band but they're dark and gosh dang they rip(ped?). Hardcore vocals, shredding thrash, breakdowns for when your neck can no longer take the rapid fire banging. Yes!!


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