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Wash Over Me

 This is just a rundown of my postings in 2020 including: the blog title, chip and music reference for anyone that doesn't want to read all them (I've done this each previous year for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 ):

January 2020:

 The Beautiful People - Music: Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar     Chip: Miss Vickie's Hickory Smoked Salt

Dreamy Little You - Music (for title): Kitty Kat Fan Club. This was a rundown of good things from 2019.

 Hardwell Close - Music: The Murderburgers - What a Mess     Chip: Great Value Red Curry

February 2020:

Death & taxes (or the Greg Rekus interview) - Music: Greg was an interview of Greg Rekus as the title suggests

Puncture Wounds - Music: Gatecreeper - Deserted     Chip: Barcel Chip's Fuego Limon

March 2020:

The Devil's Martyr
- Music: Sacrifice - The One's I Condemn     Chip: Lay's Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle (or Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix)

Talk is Cheap - Music: Comeback Kid (with Scott Wade)     Chip: Barcel Chip's Jalapeno

April 2020:

Since Yesterday or Umbrella - Music: This is England (soundtrack) and Can't Hardly Wait (soundtrack)     Salty Snack: Orville Redenbacher Movie Theatre Butter Flavour popcorn

If I Needed You - Music: Townes Van Zandt - Live at the Old Quarter    Chip: Pipers Cider Vinegar &Sea Salt     

May 2020:

Never Mind the Consequence - Music: The Abruptors - Love & Other Disasters     Chip: Deep River Snacks Sweet Maui Onion    

A Better Place, A Better Time - Music: Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb     Chip: Ridgies Spicy Salt & Vinegar
June 2020:

I Ain't Lazy - Music: Skratch Bastid, John Smith, Pip Skid - Taking Care of Business     Chip: co-op Gold Pure Honey Dill

Overkill - Music: Music from Scrubs (the TV show)     Chip: Doritos Flamin' Hot Limon    

July 2020:

 Off Wit His Head - Big Pun - Yeeeeah Baby     Chip: Arriba Creamy Guacamole  

All in Time - Music: Dan Potthast - My Living Room     Chip: co-op Gold Parmesan and Garlic 

Have the Time - Music: The Slackers     Chip: Kettle Brand Ranch

August 2020:

The Window - Music: Red Scare Industries' 15 Years of Tears and Beers (comp)    Chips: Our Finest Sweet Chili & Sour Cream, Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Sea Salt & Vinegar, Kettle Brand Red Curry, Our Finest Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt, Lay's Wavy Salt & Vinegar, McLure's Spicy Pickle, Lay's Butter Chicken, Wavy Lay's Hickory BBQ, Uncle Ray's Ketchup,  

Purple Rain -  Music(ish): Two Minutes to Late Night (TV show)     Chip: President's Choice Kettle Cooked Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinegar
September 2020:

The Target Demographic Has Had It Up To Here - Music: The Credentials, Ridgemont, and Witches with Dicks    Chips: Arriba Spicy Ranch, Lay's Chalet Sauce, Lay's Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno,   

Dollars and Sense - Music: River Jacks (band in general)     Chip: Arriba Sweet Chili   

October 2020:

Cold Turkey - Music: Billy Liar - Some Legacy      Chip: Tomahawk Chips Salt & Vinegar, Deep River Zesty Jalapeno

 Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull - Music: Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come (also mentions of Raised Fist and D.S.-13)    Chip: Ikea Festligt Potato Chips with Pickled Mushroom, and Ikea Pepper and Leek

November 2020: 

Walking Around Town - Music: Epic - Aging is what Friends Do Together (also soso, Factor, Kay the Aquanaut)    Chips: Covered Bridge Fried Pepperoni

Brave or Dying Life or Firing Squad - Music: Obituary - S/T, Necrot - Mortal, Power Trip - Nightmare Logic     Chip: Doritos Late Night Buffalo Hot Wings        

December 2020:

Posse Can't Be Bothered - Music: Bazooka Joe and Rob Crooks - Schadenfreude     Dip and Chip: Homemade Salsa Verde (includes recipe), co-op in store made Taco Chips 

No One Wants A Pizza on Xmas Day #2 - Music: Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg - The Spirit of Ratliff     Snack: Nacho Cheese Bugles 

Stay hydrated,

ps. The title is taken from Westbound Train's contribution to the Ska Against Racism comp that was released this past September as a colab between Bad Time Records, Asian Man Records, and Ska Punk Daily


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